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Digital wallets

Does Topper support Apple and Google Pay?


What are the benefits of using Apple and Google Pay?

These payment options offer a seamless and convenient way for your customers to complete transactions. Generally, users tend to prefer Apple or Google Pay over other payment methods when presented with the choice.

Cross-platform support


BrowserScenarioApple PayGoogle Pay
Chrome (and others)Desktop
Chrome (and others)Mobile
Chrome (and others)Embed with an iframe - Desktop
Chrome (and others)Embed with an iframe - Mobile
SafariEmbed with an iframe - Desktop
SafariEmbed with an iframe - Mobile


  • Set allow="payment" on the iframe when Topper is embed.
  • If you are using the sandbox attribute on the iframe, include allow-top-navigation. On Safari - Embed with an iframe scenario and using Apple Pay, users are redirected on the main window to continue the payment on Topper.


Apple PayGoogle Pay


  • When using Google Pay, a browser tab will be open to continue the payment on Topper.

Mobile App

OSApple PayGoogle Pay


  • If you are redirecting to Topper through the user's browser, no extra configuration is necessary.
  • When Topper is embed with a WebView, ensure setting is_android_app=1 or is_ios_app=1 as a query parameter in the URL.

Example URLs:

  • Android:<bootstrap token>&is_android_app=1
  • iOS:<bootstrap token>&is_ios_app=1

Using the Web SDK:

  • Android: topper.initialize({ bootstrapToken: <bootstrap token>, { is_android_app: true } });
  • iOS: topper.initialize({ bootstrapToken: <bootstrap token>, { is_ios_app: true } });